The Group

LTI Internazionale, formerly known as 1960 La Toscana Impianti, started its activities in 1960 when a cooperative named “Societa’ Cooperativa Artigiani Riuniti La Toscana” was registered in Livorno, Italy, by Mr. Vinicio Geminiani and his partners.

Since its inception, the company’s growth has been linked with the development of the industrial clusters in the Livorno area, including the ENI/AGIP Refinery, Solvay Petrochemical Complex, Piombino Steel Complex, and associated power generation and district heating utilities.

During this process, the company had the opportunity to strengthen its expertise over a wide range of disciplines (mechanical, rotating machines, electrical, instrumentation, and automation) and to consolidate technical cooperation with universities and governmental bodies.

Subsequently, the legal entity was changed into a private company and a
second yard with direct access to the sea was built in Piombino on the Tyrrhennian coast.

Since the early 1980s, LTI has gained a prominent position in Italy and other
European countries for construction, commissioning and maintenance jobs in
refineries, power stations, and chemical and petrochemical plants with further
diversification in metals and other industries (shipbuilding, paper, and renewable energy).

In 2015, LTI Internazionale merged with MAN Group, which currently manages more than 8,000 people of 17 different nationalities engaged in nine geographical regions worldwide, organized in four strategic business areas:

MAN Enterprise

founded in 1971, is one of the leading general contracting firms in the Middle East, directly responsible for constructing and managing projects totaling 1.2 billion US $ to date.


established in 1990, is the electromechanical Company of the Group based in Beirut, Lebanon, with main operations in Doha, Qatar, with expanded activities by constantly taking on large scale projects in Arab countries, the Gulf and North Africa.

Tecman Industry

based in Lebanon, is specialized in Wood, Steel and Stainless Steel Works, as well as in interior decoration contracting.

MAN Igom

is UK registered joint venture with the Italian Company IGO&M srl (Infrastrutture Gestioni Operation & Maintenance) focused on EPC and operation & maintenance contracting.